Wednesday Word: TRANSPARENCY!


Hello Beautiful Souls,

The word of the week is transparency. I think in order to have healthy relationships and friendships it is important to always be open. Open about your feelings, intentions, and reservations. How can anyone ever know how to love you if you aren’t transparent with them? But transparency first has to start with yourself. If you can’t be real with yourself how can you ever be real with anyone else?


What I’ve learned this week:

  • Transparency helps form a solid foundation for healthy relationships.
  • Stare at yourself. Everyday. Sit in front of a mirror naked and stare at your bare self. Fall in love with that self. Work on the flaws you want to change and learn to love the ones you can’t.
  • Question yourself. Your thoughts, your actions, your reactions. Ask yourself “why am I doing this?” “Why do I REALLY feel this way?” Having these talks with myself makes it easier to express my feelings to others.

Be real. With yourself and with other people. Makes your life a little brighter.

Photographer: Norman Cacho


Dominique Marie