5 Ways to be sexier in your everday life


I have never been the “sexy” girl. I don’t ooze sex appeal, I shy away from anything too revealing. However, lately I’ve been toying with the idea of sexuality and sexiness. What does it really mean to be sexy? What do men find sexy? And how can awkward me incorporate some sexy in my life? Below are 5 things I’ve done to be sexier in my everyday life.

  1. Wear your lingerie out of the house
    I know i know, it’s a little risqué, but you’ll feel great. I wore this Urban Outfitters lace bra w/ high waist jeans and it instantly made me feel sexier than a regular tank would have.
  2.  Buy better underwear
    Don’t you just feel like a feme fatale when you walk around in sexy skivvies?
  3.  Don’t compare your sexy to someone else’s
    We are all unique, and that goes for sex appeal too. How we express it and how we view it are all based on our personal preferences. So just because your sexy doesn’t look or feel like mine, doesn’t mean it’s absent.
  4. Self care
    I know everyone is so tired of hearing this phrase… but it really is the beginning to a beautiful relationship with yourself. Take the time to take care of you: get a facial, get a wax, do your brows, take s bath and oil yourself up. You deserve it— and I guarantee you’ll feel super sexy once everything has been tended to.
  5. Throw on some confidence—  Nobody will believe in your sexiness if you don’t believe in it



Dominique Marie