5 Ways to be sexier in your everday life


I have never been the “sexy” girl. I don’t ooze sex appeal, I shy away from anything too revealing. However, lately I’ve been toying with the idea of sexuality and sexiness. What does it really mean to be sexy? What do men find sexy? And how can awkward me incorporate some sexy in my life? Below are 5 things I’ve done to be sexier in my everyday life.

  1. Wear your lingerie out of the house
    I know i know, it’s a little risqué, but you’ll feel great. I wore this Urban Outfitters lace bra w/ high waist jeans and it instantly made me feel sexier than a regular tank would have.
  2.  Buy better underwear
    Don’t you just feel like a feme fatale when you walk around in sexy skivvies?
  3.  Don’t compare your sexy to someone else’s
    We are all unique, and that goes for sex appeal too. How we express it and how we view it are all based on our personal preferences. So just because your sexy doesn’t look or feel like mine, doesn’t mean it’s absent.
  4. Self care
    I know everyone is so tired of hearing this phrase… but it really is the beginning to a beautiful relationship with yourself. Take the time to take care of you: get a facial, get a wax, do your brows, take s bath and oil yourself up. You deserve it— and I guarantee you’ll feel super sexy once everything has been tended to.
  5. Throw on some confidence—  Nobody will believe in your sexiness if you don’t believe in it



Dominique Marie


Wednesday Word: TRANSPARENCY!


Hello Beautiful Souls,

The word of the week is transparency. I think in order to have healthy relationships and friendships it is important to always be open. Open about your feelings, intentions, and reservations. How can anyone ever know how to love you if you aren’t transparent with them? But transparency first has to start with yourself. If you can’t be real with yourself how can you ever be real with anyone else?


What I’ve learned this week:

  • Transparency helps form a solid foundation for healthy relationships.
  • Stare at yourself. Everyday. Sit in front of a mirror naked and stare at your bare self. Fall in love with that self. Work on the flaws you want to change and learn to love the ones you can’t.
  • Question yourself. Your thoughts, your actions, your reactions. Ask yourself “why am I doing this?” “Why do I REALLY feel this way?” Having these talks with myself makes it easier to express my feelings to others.

Be real. With yourself and with other people. Makes your life a little brighter.

Photographer: Norman Cacho


Dominique Marie

12 Promises You Should Make to Yourself and Keep Forever

12 Promises You Should Make to Yourself and Keep Forever

When you become your own best friend, life is easier.

Life is not all rainbows and butterflies.  It can be tough sometimes.  And you’ve paid a heavy price to get this far, so the best option is to really make it count by moving forward from where you are.  Free yourself from the world’s negativity – from the sources of ignorance telling you what you can and cannot do – by promising to look ahead, to live ahead, and to get ahead.  In other words, start making positive promises to yourself!

Promise to fight back, to fight harder, to laugh louder and longer and slap adversity back into its seat whenever it dares to stand against you.  Promise to be a force to be reckoned with – because you are a force to be reckoned with.

Make these promises to yourself, and keep them forever.

Repeat after me: “I promise…”
  1. “I will not hold the past against myself.” – Your problems, your weaknesses, setbacks, regrets and mistakes teach you if you’re willing to learn, or they will punish you if you’re not.  So let them teach you, every day. Take everything as a lesson learned.  If you regret some of the decisions you have made in the past, stop being so hard on yourself.  At that time, you did your best with the knowledge you had.  At that time, you did your best with the experience you had.  Your decisions were made with a younger mind. If you were to make these decisions with the wisdom you have today, you would choose differently. So give yourself a break. Time and experience has a wonderful way of helping us grow and learn to make better choices today, for ourselves and those we care for.

2.   “I will own my life and never deny responsibility for it.” – Through the grapevine, you may have learned that you should blame your parents, your teachers, your mentors, the education system, the government, etc., but never to blame yourself.  Right?  It’s never, ever your fault… WRONG!  It’s always your fault, because if you want to change, if you want to let go and move on with your life, you’re the only person who can make it happen.  It’s YOUR move to make.  It’s YOUR responsibility.  Own it!

3.   “I will speak kindly and consciously to myself.” – Wait, what did you just say to yourself?  Were they the inspiring, encouraging words you would speak to a friend?  Or were they the belittling remarks you might shout to an enemy if you had no heart.  Or the negative assessments about life you would utter if you had no faith?  All day long we speak silently to ourselves, and a part of us believes every word.  So stay mindful, and ask yourself, “If I had a friend who always spoke to me in the same way that I am speaking to myself right now, how long would I allow that person to be my friend?”  (Read Loving What Is.)

4.  “I will listen to what my heart and soul is telling me.” – When something feels right, that means it is right for you (at least it is worth looking into).  And if you genuinely feel deep down that something is wrong, it probably is.  Pay attention to your authentic feelings, and follow where they lead.  When you’re following your inner voice, doors tend to eventually open for you, even if they mostly slam at first.

5.  “I will live a life that feels right to me, not one that looks right to others.” – Give yourself permission to follow the path that makes YOU happy.  And realize that some people in your life will refuse to walk beside you as you embark on this journey; they simply won’t approve no matter what you say, and that’s OK.  Sometimes when you commit yourself to creating your own happiness, it clashes with the perceptions of others.  Sometimes when you gain something great, you have to let go of something else.  And sometimes this ‘something else’ is a relationship that only wants you to do what they want you to do.

6.  “I will let go of relationships that are obviously not meant to be.” – Most people come into your life temporarily simply to teach you something.  They come and they go and they make a difference.  And it’s OK that they’re not in your life anymore.  Not all relationships last, but the lessons these relationships bring to you do.  If you learn to open your heart and mind, anyone, including the folks who eventually drive you mad, can teach you something worthwhile.  Sometimes it will feel weird when you realize you spent so much time with someone you are no longer connected to, but that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be.  You are exactly where you’re supposed to be.  We all are. 

7.  “I will not let any situation permanently steal my smile.” – Even when times are tough, take a moment to pause and remember who YOU are.  Take a moment to reflect on the things that have real and lasting meaning in your life.  And then smile about how far you’ve come.  Honestly, nothing in this world is more beautiful and powerful than a smile that has struggled through the tears.  Any fool can be happy when times are easy.  It takes a strong soul with real heart to develop smiles out of situations that make us weep.  No matter how long it takes, it will get better.  Keep going.  Tough situations build strong people in the end.


8.   “I will celebrate and appreciate the life I have.” – Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.  Don’t be one of them.  Take a breath of fresh air.  The past is behind you.  Focus on what you can do today, not on what you could’ve or should’ve done yesterday.  Remember, for everything you’ve lost, you’ve gained something else.  Appreciate what you have and who you are today.  Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.  Count your blessings, not your troubles.  It costs nothing to be positive, and it changes things for the better.  Your thoughts are yours to control, so make good use of them to give your actions and your life a powerful advantage.

9.   “I will realize and use my power to make a difference.” – The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.  Don’t do this.  The world needs you.  In a world filled with doubt, you must dare to dream.  In a world filled with anger, you must dare to forgive.  In a world filled with hate, you must dare to love.  In a world filled with distrust, you must dare to believe.  And once you do, I promise, you will find that power you once thought you lacked.

10.   “I will dedicate myself to personal excellence.” – Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.  And excellence is never an accident.  It’s the result of high intention, focused effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution, and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities.  It’s also important to note that excellence cannot be judged by looking at where you are at any given point in time, but by measuring the distance you have traveled from the point where you started.  It’s about being diligent and making progress – either a step forward or a lesson learned – day in and day out. 

11.   “I will keep stretching myself beyond my previous level of comfort.” – Just because you’re struggling doesn’t mean you’re failing.  Every great success requires some type of worthy struggle to get there.  Know this!  When you’re struggling, that’s when you’re growing stronger and smarter.  The more time you spend there, the faster you learn.  It’s better to spend an extremely high quality ten minutes growing, than it is to spend a mediocre hour running in place.  Every day, you want to practice at the point where you are on the edge of your ability, stretching yourself over and over again, making mistakes, stumbling, learning from those mistakes and stretching yourself even farther.

12.   “I will embrace the changes I know I need to make.” – Life is a balancing act of holding on and letting go – of staying put and moving on.  We strive to make the right choices, but how do we know when it is truly time to move forward with our lives?  The signs aren’t always easy to accept, but they are there and you know it.  Relationships, jobs, and even the cities we live in have expiration dates.  Sometimes we hold on to what’s not working out of fear that we won’t be able to adapt to necessary changes.  And thus, the outcome is always the same: more pain, immense frustration, and lasting regret.  Be smarter than that.  Embrace the changes you know you need to make.

In a world where vows are often left unfulfilled – where making a pledge means less than it used to – where promises seem like they’re made to be broken – it would be nice to see words come back into power, wouldn’t it?  Yet, words can be twisted into any shape, so you must be careful not to be careless.  Remember this when you make promises to yourself.  Your promises must be backed by devoted action.

The image you have of yourself in the future depends on the actions you watch yourself take today.

Promise yourself and then prove it!


Dominique Marie



Ways To Get An All-New Wardrobe On The Cheap

How many times have you looked in your closet and thought, I have nothing to wear? Or, found yourself rocking that same black turtleneck three (or more) times a week, just because you can't seem to find anything else that works? As women with a penchant for style, we tend to find ourselves in these conundrums way too often. Sure, scoring the latest sunglasses, sneakers, or "It" bag may be an instant solution, but a season or two later, they're most likely taking up space in your closet, serving as a constant reminder of things that probably weren't worth the splurge.

To give your wardrobe the makeover it desperately needs (and deserves), I've listed some tips on how to rework (and remake) those worn-through pieces and secrets for making items last for seasons, your closet will become a well-curated oasis — rather than the dust-attracting, filled-to-the-brim space that it might be now.

Score A Pair Of Vintage Denim
At the start of every year, I take a little trip to a local thrift store and grab a pair of vintage denim — think Levi’s mom jeans circa 1990. In New York, vintage shops like Beacon's Closet and Tokio 7 have a plethora of jeans for a fraction of the cost. Once you've found a pair that's comfortable in fit, the styling opportunities are endless. In the winter months, I wear them many ways: cuffed small, cuffed large, or with the hem down for a nice fringe.. As the seasons change, I crop them. In spring, I will wear them at half calf-length, capri length, or even Bermuda short-style. When summer hits, they get shortened again. Just think, the hotter it gets, the shorter they go. What better way to have your favorite pair of denim (that most likely cost under $10) last all year round?

Shop The Men's Section
Still on the hunt for that life-changing, goes-with-everything white T-shirt? The answer may be hiding right beneath your nose. Life revolves around the perfect white T-shirt — you can casually wear it with a pair of denim jeans or dress it up under your favorite leather, emphasizing that this is a piece you shouldn't have to splurge on. My go-to tip is to stop shopping in the women’s section and hop right over to the men’s. Those packaged, tag-less Hanes T-shirts normally come in threes (white, black, and grey), giving you endless options for wearability. Consider this your three-step road to wardrobe happiness.

The "Boyfriend" Fit
Nothing is as affordable as stealing your lover’s shirt and giving it that ladylike flair. A classic button-down (a staple in every man’s wardrobe) is a great oversized steal to mix and match with any season’s favorite pieces. For the winter, pair it with a leather pant, or in the summer, try rocking it as a dress or cover-up poolside with a wide-brim hat. This could be the best (and cheapest) take-home from a crazy night out.

Swap With Friends
Experiencing a bit of wardrobe envy over your BFF's cool duds? Suggest cleaning out your closet and swapping pieces with "a mutually stylish friend." You never know, "she might be grown out of that slinky Alexander Wang dress that fits you like a glove!" Plus, eliminating things you don't wear inevitably leads to more space — and a more narrow focus on what you really need. Getting rid of a few pieces in your own closet always lets you see things you never could before, as well.

If you find yourself holding onto things you don't wear just because you're attached to them, I suggest  that a clothes swap is the best course of action. If you have a piece or two you're sentimental about, it's always nice to give them a good, familiar, new home with a friend, And, the best part? You can donate what's left and feel pretty awesome on the inside, too!

Take A Trip To The Tailor
Remember that pair of pants that's just too long? You know, the ones that have been sitting in the back of your closet since you bought them at a sample sale? Gather up all the clothes that you never wear because they're ill-fitting. Spending even $100 on alterations could revive several pieces that have been collecting dust in your closet for years.

Visiting a tailor is also a great way to revive items you have worn to death, and that no longer fit properly. Try to rework old pieces with small alterations,says fashion and wardrobe, It can be as simple as adding new buttons to a coat or fabric to its collar, or distressing a worn-out pair of jeans. See — what's old is now new again.


Go D.I.Y.
If you're feeling crafty, bring some of your clothing back to life with some homemade magic. Stick a pair of denim that haven't seen the light of day in the tub and spray on some bleach. We also recommend trying patchwork, stenciling, or mixed prints. Grab a pair of scissors and age your favorite tee with some sporadic holes or a new neckline, or go all out with some tie-dye or breton stripes

Invest Wisely
You don’t need a whole new wardrobe each season, warning against splurging on too many trend-driven items. The trick is to focus on a few staple items that will transition from season to season — think a well-tailored jacket, slim dark pants, one good (comfortable and wearable) pair of flats and heels, white T-shirts that can be layered with sweaters, an LBD, and a winter coat. The secret here is to invest wisely, something that those obsessed with fashion may find quite difficult. If you're going to splurge, I suggests choosing one strong bag and pair of shoes each season, while trying to avoid purchasing the "It" items. As tempting as it may be, [the trendiest items] — like Gucci sunglasses — will look dated after one or two seasons. The trick is to shop designer items during those in-between seasons, like Resort and Pre-Fall.

Stick To The Classics
Warns against falling into the "It" trap, especially when it comes to accessories. Wear a purse that won't feel old after one season, and wear it forever. This goes for outerwear as well — a classic leather jacket will stay with you forever, and it will even get better with age! How many items in your closet can you say that about?!

Less is more. A great shoe, a great bag, and a great coat will take you much further than a bunch of cheap options. Always remember, "quality over quantity."

Sleep On It
I find it so rewarding (and affordable) to delay instant gratification and not buy on impulse. Instead of immediately purchasing everything in your hand, she suggests trying on a bunch of things, setting them aside, and sleeping on it. When I come back the next day, I find that I only buy the pieces that I yearn for and can't live without.

Hope this helps you beauties!!!
Dominique Marie




Happy Friday, Beautiful Souls! What are you guys up to this weekend? I've got plans to take my Princess kayaking and some other weekend activities as well as some chill time with the family. I'm hoping to squeeze in a little vintage/thrift shopping, this weekend and scour through beautiful patterns and colors for some inspiration time, too.

Here's a couple of SMILES to brighten up your Friday!!


All Models Styled by: Dominique Marie

Photographers: Michelle Wilson & Liz Linett

Wishing you ALL a  great weekend, and I'll see you back here on Monday! :)


Dominique Marie


SHEFIDENCE - 5 Ways to believe in yourself.

Hey Beautiful Souls! If you guys have been keeping up with me on IG you already know that my goal is to start inspiring women to be better and do better.  In all honesty, the key to our success is simple, all you need is to believe in yourself aka SHEfidence ™!


We have to believe that we are capable of achieving anything we put our minds to!  What good is discovering SHE if we don’t believe in her? Right?!


So here’s the question, Do you believe in your SHE? If the answer is no you have no fear I have you covered!  Here are a few ways to boost your SHEfidence:


Do you constantly sabotage your own thoughts? Do you tell yourself things like “this won’t work” or ” I can’t because of XYZ”? Well, guess what, you will believe whatever you tell yourself. If you tell yourself you can’t then you can’t. So stop with the negative thought processes and start thinking positively.  Say “I can…”I will…”, “I am capable of..” to yourself everyday!



Fear is natural but don’t let it stop you. We all have fears.  I am terrified of failing and honestly, this fear has prolonged some of my achievements. The thing is, we don’t have fear about what we know and what is comfortable. It rears its ugly head when we are in unknown territory.  Fear is just your body’s way of letting you know that you are about to step out of your comfort zone.  Every time you get scared give fear the side eye and say “I can and I will, watch me”! Let your faith in the possible outweigh your fear of the impossible.



Have you tried something in the past and been unsuccessful? Then afterward you feel like a complete failure? Don’t let your past failures lessons/negative experiences prevent you from achieving your goal! Use those lessons as stepping stones to figure out what NOT to do the next time then go for it!



We all have an alter ego that is our inner BOSS CHICK. She slays everything she touches, well at least in my mind she does…lol. You know that saying FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT… I’m a believer! Sometimes you just have to ACT LIKE you are THAT chick and ride her coattails off until the sunset.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. That’s 21 days of doing something that does NOT come naturally to you or ACTING in a manner that you don’t normally act. Sounds like faking it till you make it to me, what about you?  So start acting like the person you want to be and one day you are going to wake up and realize it’s not an act. You ARE that person.



Having a good understanding of whatever it is that you are trying to achieve will automatically make you feel like you will make it happen.  As they say, knowledge is power!  Well, what if you don’t have the knowledge do you let that stop you?  HELL NO! It’s ok not to know how to do something however, it’s NOT ok to let the lack of knowledge prevent you from succeeding.

There are so many ways to obtain information that there is no excuse as to why you can’t become more knowledgeable about a topic. Google It, take a course, get a mentor, ask someone in that field, heck go on YOUTUBE …everything is on YouTube! The net-net is IF you want or need a better understanding of something put in the work, research it and obtain the knowledge to become successful.


Ok beauties….that’s all I have for today. Thanks for stopping by, I hope this post resonated and gave you some tips to increase your SHE! I’d love to hear your thoughts, drop them in the comments box below.  Have a fabulous day and remember… THERE'S ALWAYS TIME TO INVEST IN YOU!

Stylist: Dominique Marie

Model: Ashley Harris

Photographer: Norman Cacho



Dominique Marie



Currently Crushing on Plaid & Houndstooth Blazers!!!!

Plaid, checkered, and houndstooth blazers worn over a sweater, simple tee or button down shirt? Timeless, I say. Say hello to my favorite fall look . . .

If you’ve spent any amount of time on Instagram in the past few weeks, you’ve seen it happen before your very eyes. The moment September hit, it was like every fashion blogger and micro-influencer got the same memo: Plaid is the new velvet—but only in outerwear form.


I styled this Zara checked jacket along with a jacquard wrap skirt, lined patent ankle boots, with airfish "candy top" - Classic look!

Model: Gabriella - represented by New York Model Mgmt

Photographer: Michelle Wilson


J U M P - into Jumpsuits

How to wear jumpsuits now?

Kids fashion industry continue offering us fashionable and stylish clothes. One of the most trending fashion styles for kids today is the jumpsuit. It's a flexible type of cloth that can make your little one look great and stylish. It's fair to say, jumpsuits are everywhere right now. There are numerous reasons why you should be wearing a jumpsuit right now. Today I bring you my personal favorite design from airfish


I'm in love with this Hart Jean Corduroy jumpsuit in this gray color that I layered with a pink masculine jacket. Completed the look by adding a cute pair of faux shearling sneakers.

Shop this look and more at airfish

Model: Gabriella from New York Model Management

Photography: Michelle Wilson

Shine Your Light Star

Don’t let life define you, define your life!

   You are more beautiful and radiant than ever before because you are being unapologetically you and braver and more free than you could of ever imagined

You are more beautiful and radiant than ever before because you are being unapologetically you and braver and more free than you could of ever imagined

You are more beautiful and radiant because you are being unapologetically you and braver and more free than you could of ever imagined!

Make a stand, show the world who you are and what you have to offer

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colours and ages.

Hold your head high and let the world know you have got this, straighten your crown and be the queen you were meant to be, a brave conquerer of your world!

Just look at this beauty Miss Amelia Rose, true inspirations and absolutely stunning!

Styled by Dominique Marie

Photographer: Michelle Wilson


The Coolest Moms

In honor of Mother’s Day, I've rounded up the most 10 stylish motherhood blogs the internet has to offer. Just try not to get sucked into the cuteness.

1) Maureen Powel  - Instagram @maureenpowel


2) Alexandra Elle - Instagram @alex_elle

3) Aspen Renee - Instagram @aspencross

4) CA + Hanna - Instagram @themommythemuse

5) Dre - Instagram @mommyinspires

6) Sydney & Ken - Instagram @siddyinthesity

7) Mikaela Pabon - Instagram @mikaela.pabon

8) Destiney - Instagram @momcrushmonday


9) Instagram - @theprinceandthep

10) Sai De Silva - Instagram @scoutfashion


Happy Mother's Day!



There are many many brands for girls out there. I know. And you probably wonder if we really need one more when I will tell you that I will present you a new brand from the UK today.

We do!

Because TRESSY CLUB comes with a really important message.

Tressy Club wants to empower girls to grow up equal to boys. How? The brand comes with a very strong identity with cool graphics and messages on every garment.

Empowering girls to be strong, to making decisions for themselves and to feeling confident

  Tressy Club is based between the UK and South Africa where the production takes place.    With their monochrome and minimalist design they strengthen the message they want to pursue.    KISS KISS BANG BANG from the LADY BOSS and the GIRL GANG.

Tressy Club is based between the UK and South Africa where the production takes place.

With their monochrome and minimalist design they strengthen the message they want to pursue.