Hey Beautiful Souls!

Dominique Marie here!! Momma from New York City.

Fashion has always been a major part of my life. Since I was younger I loved standing out from the crowd, I never wanted to look the same as those around me. I am Dominique, that’s who I wanted to be and represent. I used my fashion sense to create and put together outfits that spoke of me. The more outrageous the shoes or outfits were to my peers the more I wanted to rock it. I loved styling, creating, and shopping for adults but once I had my daughter I found a love in Children’s Fashion. I started realizing that my passion was dedicated to my daughter. It was her time to shine because she’s now my world. I created and put together different outfits for her and shared them on Instagram and Facebook. I received so much positive feedback from family, friends, bloggers, and my followers. Everyone wanted to know where I shopped.


So here I AM now "A Stylist"!!


I take pride in what I do. This is not a job this is my passion. I have so much fun creating and styling that I feel extremely blessed to do something I love and get to share with you all.


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